Emergency Escape USB Car Charger
Emergency Escape USB Car Charger
Emergency Escape USB Car Charger
Emergency Escape USB Car Charger

Emergency Escape USB Car Charger

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Save Your Life When You Need It, Charge Your Phone When You Don't

Ah, driving - everyone either drives or knows someone who does. But you probably haven't ever given it much thought have you?

And I'd assume you haven't considered driver safety very much. Honestly, no one really does. But you should.

People never think they will be the one an emergency happens to. But what if it does, or what if it happens to your child?

Imagine you get in a minor accident, and then all the sudden your gas tank bursts into flames and the car catches on fire. And guess what, your seatbelt is stuck.

Or what if your kid accidentally reverses into a lake, the door's jammed, and they can't get out of the car?

You already know that these things really do happen to people.

How will you protect yourself or make sure your child can escape during these scary situations?

ChargeBolt™ Emergency Escape USB Car Charger is built for this sole purpose. It makes it easy for you to escape car emergencies, and provides fast charging as a bonus. 

  • Quickly Escape Emergencies: slice through seat belts and smash through windows to escape your car when needed
  • Always Within Reach: always have it plugged into your car right beside you when not in use
  • Charge Phone 75% Faster: the dual USB Quick Charge 2.0 ports let you charge your devices fast
  • Lasts Up to 5 Years: premium aluminum zinc casing keeps ChargeBolt™ built to last
  • 100% Safe to Use: a strategic blade cover design makes it impossible for you to accidentally cut yourself while using