Natural Recipe Foot Pads-Health
Natural Recipe Foot Pads-Health
Natural Recipe Foot Pads-Health
Natural Recipe Foot Pads-Health
Natural Recipe Foot Pads-Health

Natural Recipe Foot Pads

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  • All-natural top quality ingredients -Wormwood foot patches, highest quality all-natural ingredients result in stronger, more effective benefits for you.
  • Natural health care product- It can soothe many kinds of pain, relieve itching sensations, and improve blood circulation. It can also soften and brighten your skin while also combating foot odor. Relieve fatigue, improve sleeping, brighten skin, promote wellness and help promote vibrancy etc
  • Easy to use, easy to carry - This foot pad is easy to use. Stick directly on the soles of the feet. Good breathability, adjustable viscosity, easier to tear off, higher elasticity. Use it before sleeping and keep it 6-8 hours
  • Package: 5pairs/10pcs per paper box.
  • Warranty:30-day unconditional return guaranty for the product


  • Step 1: Cleanse or wipe sole of the foot 
  • Step 2: Remove large sheet behind the adhesive and discard
  • Step 3: Place foot pad in the center of the adhesive. Please make sure that the side with green writing is attached to the adhesive surface
  • Step 4: Stick the adhesive to the sole of feet and remove the small sheet behind the adhesive and discard
  • Step 5: Leave on for 8 - 12 hours or overnight before removing the foot pads. *(You may use soapy water to remove sticky residue after taking off the foot pads and make sure feet is dry and not wet so the adhesive will stick)


  • For all health issues, be sure to consult a health professional
  • Do not use in the first trimester of pregnancy or on open cuts or wounds

Who Should Use:

  • People standing on their feet for long periods
  • People sitting at a computer or using electronics for a long time
  • People interested in a healthy lifestyle
  • People who want to strengthen immunity

People who should not use:

  • If you have any kind of food allergy
  • If you would not give product enough time to assess
  • People who expect signs and wonders
  • If you have not researched a product on your own 


  • If you see a heavy coloration or release from the product, It means foot pads is actually working. The heavier shows it has to clean out a lot from your body
  • Give product chance to do its work on you, and allow time
  • In some cases product would work instantly and in others, it needs many uses and patience
  • The effect and the experience of users will be different due to different body constitution, season, use habit and use time