USB Mosquito Killer
USB Mosquito Killer
USB Mosquito Killer

USB Mosquito Killer Lamp

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This USB mosquito killer lamp is widely used in home, villa, hotel etc with its advanced technology, superior performance, powerful functions and simple operation. It adopts physical methods to kill a mosquito, not harm the human body even for pregnant woman or baby. Mosquito control area can up to 60 square meters. It is a rare item for creating a comfortable environment and care for you and your family’s health at any time anywhere. We guarantee that the components of this item are all in good condition.
  • Strong compatibility: suitable for various power bank, phone USB charger, laptop and desktop USB interfaces etc.
  • Using physical lightwave methods, non-toxic, eco-friendly and reusable. Intelligent light control, 6pcs mosquito LED bulbs.
  • Tornado mosquito-suction technology, shorter time of mosquito-killing. 3 escape-proof design, turbo funnel, more effective to control mosquito
  • No additives, no high voltage grid, safe and reliable
  • Power-saving and a long service life