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Wire Stripper

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Come with self-adjusting jaws ideal for copper and aluminum cables from 10-24AWG (0.2-6MM2). Thumbwheel micro adjusting swivel knob to strip wire smaller than 24 AWG. This Wire Stripper stripper will not damage the metal part of the electrical wire.


  • Built-in crimper crimps 22-10 AWG (0.5-6.0MM2) insulated terminals, 12-10 AWG (4-6.0MM2) / 16-14 AWG (1.5-2.5MM2) / 22-18AWG (0.5-1.0MM2) non-insulated terminals and 7-8 mm auto-ignited terminals. The Cutter is made of special heat treatment, high-quality blade performs efficient cutting. Copper only.
  • Fixed-length of stripping wire: It can adjust stripping length. If no need to use it, please push it to another direction 
  • The cutter: It can easily cut off copper and aluminum wire
  • Durable wire cutter can last for years of hard work
  • Easier to control with the nonslip handle
  • High-quality alloy carbon steel to make the plier for a longer life